by: Brianna Ford

As the fall season progresses, the question females face every morning remains: What should I wear? The answer to this question depends on a few factors. What is the weather like to   chillyday? How nicely should I dress for a specific occasion? How could I make this outfit more appealing or bold? Not to worry ladies, The Raiders’ Digest has got you covered for all the fall fashion trends.



Trendy&Tasteful: Long Sleeved Dresses are the absolute perfect balance between looking fashionable and staying warm during these next few months. Whether the dress has a print, pattern, or is plain, there are countless ways to accessorize and play up this look. Boots or flats both go great with this style of dress; tights are optional, but keep in mind they will provide extra warmth. Scarves or a bulky statement necklace are great for simple dresses, as they add a pop of color.


IMG_1920 (1)

Sweet&Stylish: Jeans or leggings are the base of a great casual outfit. A vibrant scarf will contrast a solid colored shirt, and adding a cute jacket or cardigan will provide cover from the cold. Junior Tsion Gebru pulls off this look perfectly, commenting, “Fashion is the most fun in the fall because I love wearing scarves and boots.” This look is fabulous for going out with friends, school, etc.


IMG_2121 (1)

Cozy&Casual: Whether you’re lounging around at home, or going to see a movie with the girls, this go-to look never fails. Putting on a simple sweater or zip up is a comfortable, but looks cute and doesn’t require a ton of effort. This can be paired with leggings or yoga pants.

Photos by Brianna Ford