By Stephen Brosnan

By the time a class graduates, only a select few can truthfully claim to have given a varsity team four years of play. Recently, after a hard-fought season with not the best of starts, senior volleyball player Jessica Pitkin finished her senior season, and fourth on varsity, by being named the the Capitol Conference player of the year . Jessica is a team Co-captain, alongside senior Raschell Guilliams. The players on the team typically elect their own captains.

Jessica plays not only with Stuart, but also with the NOVA Volleyball club. She first began playing volleyball on an organized team as a 9 year old, and is still passionate about the sport.

Not only does Jessica enjoy the game itself, but also the “unity” of the team and her coaches. The head coach and founder of Stuart volleyball, Sharon Ponton, is held in great esteem by the girls on the team.

Jessica plays as both a setter and a right side hitter. The setter, as the name suggests, serves or “sets” the ball over the net. It goes without saying that these positions require advanced technical skill.

Both she and her sophomore sister Lauren Pitkin, a fellow teammate, are able to stand out on a team filled to the brim with talented athletes. Lauren stated that it was her sister who kindled an interest in her for volleyball at a young age. Lauren was named 1st team all-Capitol Conference.

Jessica is an exceptional student and a senior member of the Stuart National Honors Society. Her hope is to get into the University of Virginia. As for volleyball, she plans to play intramurals at whatever college she attends. Whatever she does and wherever she goes, the Raiders’ Digest wishes her luck along the way.