by Jakob Cole

The idea of the year 2015 has always seemed so far-fetched. Thirty years ago, the number just seemed so futuristic. The amount of new inventions and new ideas seemed uncountable. Movies, such as “Back to the Future” tried to display this year in their films as super futuristic, by having hover boards and frozen pizza made at the drop of a hat.

Nowadays, we are dumbfounded how people would think that is how we live now, but back then, it seemed like an attainable thing. There were numerous predications about how technology would advance astronomically, and for the most part, that has been accurate. Thirty years into the future is a long time, seemingly an eternity away. For example, imagine the year 2045. If we had to predict what would be going on in the year 2045, it would be reasonable to assume that we would be incorrect. When looking back at how past media has depicted our world in 2015, we really get to see how people thought back then and how different the world is today.

The “Back to the Future” franchise started back in 1985 with their first successful film. The film grossed $389 million worldwide, guaranteeing them a sequel. For this anticipated sequel, the filmmakers put an interesting spin on the plot, deciding to go into the future, as opposed to the past. With this new film, the writers turned into prophets with some very accurate predictions of our present day world. These correct predictions included flat screen TV’s, video conference technology, biometric identification (fingerprint identification), 3-D technology, holographic displays, and drones. “It amazing how the writers were able to make so many predictions that ended up being true,” said junior Rex Tran.

However, for each correct prediction, there were also many incorrect predictions. Among these were the continual use of fax machines and phone booths, and the invention of self-lacing shoes, hover boards, flying cars, and rejuvenation masks.

Another movie, “The 6th Day”, recreated the year 2015 by cloning Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character into the year 2015. This movie did not receive the same amount of popularity as Back to the Future, but nonetheless still mentions 2015. Other such movies that have depicted 2015 in their films but have not gained the national recognition are Evangelion, The Signal, Memory Run, and Shank.

So it is the year 2015. Long ago it was thought of as the year of the future, but now it is finally upon us. Will it live up to the hype that aforementioned films led us to believe? Not yet, but let’s keep on wishing for those flying cars.

AP Photo