by Samia Warsame

Recently, the administrators of Stuart have made changes to combat tardiness in the school. Starting February 3rd, hall sweeps were conducted in between periods to find students who loiter the halls.

”We felt that we needed to do something to get kids to get to class on time.” Assistant Principal Jeffrey Barham said. “We tossed around some ideas as a team, and the teachers’ really like the fact that students are in their classrooms ready to learn. With the hall sweeps we’ve seen a huge decrease in the amount of tardiness in the school.”

“The reason we need hall sweeps is that students are not getting to class.” Social Studies Chair Head Douglas Pielmeier said. “It’s a very good start toward improving attendance in the school.”

On the other hand many Stuart students have a very different view on the hall sweeps. Sophomore Jenny Tran said “In a way, hall sweeps are effective because they get people to go to their classes faster and clears the hallways, but students still manage to elude security anyway by hiding in the bathroom and stuff.”

“Hall sweeps take away time from learning in my opinion” said sophomore Vina Herrera. “For instance, if I come five minutes late, I shouldn’t have to wait another 10 minutes in the auditorium to get a detention pass. It’s kind of counterintuitive. Also, it’s not really improving attendance because students would probably want to stay home now rather than to come to school late and receive a detention.”

For now, hall sweeps look like they are here to stay for the rest of the year. “This policy needs to go on for this year, and next year because students must learn to be punctual when going to class” Social Studies Chair Head Douglas Pielmeier.

Photo by Zahid Khan