by Zach Esser

It’s hard to go through a day of school without hearing about the large clubs here at Stuart. Clubs like French Club and Ingenium have posters on every hallway and have announcements every day, but what about the clubs that aren’t heard about? The truth is that there are many clubs at Stuart, but only a select few are well known. These clubs have a large variety of themes that could attract many students but the clubs themselves are not well known.

One club that everyone seems to enjoy is Psychology Club. They meet on the third Thursday of every month with something new to do. The subject of the meetings could be anything from personal feelings to the brain. This club has around 80 members and more are joining every month. Sponsor Matthew Levi, says the club is for people that want to help others feel better about themselves. “It should serve as a safe place for people to discuss their feelings”, and with the club growing like it is, it looks like that’s exactly what it’s become.

If you like Law and Order, Model Judiciary is the club for you. Sponsored by the Fairfax County Bar Association, Model Judiciary is a club for students that would like to participate in a mock trial. Students choose a position; prosecutor, defendant, or juror. Then, they prepare for six weeks by studying the court case and the position they are defending. For the trial, the club takes a field trip to Fairfax County Courthouse to compete against other schools.  Legislative leaders from our community like Congressman Connolly and District Supervisor Penny Gross attend the event to see the next generation of legislators of Fairfax County in action. Check out Sponsor John Hiltz in E84 for more details.

The Engineering Club is a student run organization that spends its time preparing and competing in two major competitions. Both of these competitions are robotics themed; students create robots in order to compete in a variety of events. Sponsor Monica Geiger, says that the club is for students that are self-motivated, creative, and interested in science. The club meets every Wednesday in F105 but some students go every day for general science fun.   “If you like robotic fun you should come and join,” Geiger said.

Stuart’s book club or Page Drifters as they like to be called, meet monthly in the library to discuss books.  The club is actually student run; every month, the members vote on what book to read next, making every book something new and interesting. There are no rules stating that you have to read a book or that you have to finish one. The club is meant to be a chill reading environment rather than a strict classroom. There are field trips to visit book festivals all around the county. As sponsor of the club, Lisa Gunther said, “We are energetic, enthusiastic, and laid back at the same time; were also open to new members!”

Model Trade Organization is a fairly new club that is designed to model the National Trade Organization. In this club, student’s research and debate issues relating to global trade problems. The club deals with real events such as Scotland trying to leave England. What could the trade repercussions be? Join Model Trade Organization every Thursday in L229 to find out.  Sponsor Linda Lauderdale, says “They really are a fascinating group of students that are interested in debate. If you’re interested, you should try it out.”

Photo by Zach Esser