by Layla Abdi

A few weeks ago, Stuart’s IB artists debuted all their work during the art show. Separate from the art show that occurred earlier this year, the IB Art show only displays work from students in IB Art.

The road leading up to the art show is a two year process between the students’ junior and senior years.

“The whole process takes two years as we are creating 12-18 pieces of art within an overlapping theme of our choice,” said senior Luc Thomas. Art teacher Kate Wallestad explained that the process is “a two year artistic journey where 40 percent of their grade is based on an investigation workbook where they research different artists, different time periods, different movements, philosophies, and how they interrelate to art.”

Developing the students artistic style begins early on in IB art. “We challenge students to try a variety of artistic styles, mediums, materials, thought processes, all in their junior year. Then from that exploration, a style arises from their own work,” Wallestad said.

“Starting off in IB Art some of us don’t exactly have a personal style but through time and experimenting, an interest is developed in many areas,” senior Karina Escobar said.

“Within two years, everyone ends up finding what they like to do whether it is sculpture, photography, or painting,” Thomas said.

From there, the artists group their works based on commonalities, which becomes the focal point for future pieces. “We see what the commonalities between their different art works are and we use that to guide them to their future art works,” Wallestad said.

“This year I was really excited about how unique each of their styles were. I felt like each student was being authentic to their own personal voice,” Wallestad said.

Of his own work, Thomas commented, “I focus on issues people face around the world using photography.” Wallestad added, “Luc is extremely effective at communicating a strong concept or political message within his work.”

Other students also added a variety with their pieces. “[Karina] has really honed her skills as an illustrator and an artist working with portraiture,” said Wallestad.

Of senior Fathima Mohideen she noted, “Each piece in Fatima’s show had levels of meaning, multiple layers of meaning.”

At this year’s art show, Wallestad revealed that senior Emily Rarity brought a new addition to Stuart’s IB Art. “Emily was our first all ceramics IB art student and it was exciting to see how Emily pushed herself both technically and conceptually.”

While the art show has now been taken down, they now look towards the following portions of their IB exams. “Their IB art exam includes their show, a one thousand word commentary, a three hundred word artist statement, and about 25 pages of investigative research,” Wallestad said.

Photos by Layla Abdi