by Zahid Khan

The Office– In a little town in Scranton, Pennsylvania, there is an everything but ordinary paper company called Dunder Mifflin. Critically acclaimed as one of the best actors in the business, Steve Carell plays Head Regional Manager Michael Scott. The show consistently never fails to make you laugh; Scott’s goofiness and unprofessionalism leaves viewers in tears from laughter. The Office introduces many different characters throughout the series but ultimately majority of The Office staff stays the same. Each character has its own unique but hilarious personality. The show even offers a glance into romance with multiple relationships but primarily the heartwarming relationship between Jim and Pam.

Friends– Despite the show airing from 1995-2003, many current famous actors and actresses took part of this hilarious and moving TV show such as Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. Six friends live in downtown New York City, for the majority of the series, the gang usually hangs out the Monica Geller or Joey Tribbiani’s apartment and Central Perk Coffee house. Although the series runs in chronological order, each episode has a different story. After all the laughter in this Comedy sitcom, viewers in the end learn so many lessons and realize the true meaning of friendship.

Prison Break– Lincoln Burrows is a convicted felon and is wrongfully accused of murder. Burrows is sentenced to prison and receives a death sentence, but the plot twist here is his younger brother Michael Scofield is a structural engineer who just happens to have help built the same prison Burrows in stuck in. Scofield spends months planning and creating mystical tattoos of the blueprint of the prison on his body. Scofield robs a bank to purposely set himself up to go to the same prison as his brother. With Scofields knowledge of the prison and other helpful assets, Scofield and Burrow have to overcome a ton of obstacles and work with-in the walls to save his older brother’s life.

Orange is the New Black– Piper Chapman a law-abiding upper middle class women living in New York City until one day she is sentenced to 15 months in a women’s -only prison. Chapman’s past caught up with her, during Chapman’s teenage years she fell in love with Alex Vause, before Chapman got her life together and moved on from Vause, Vause and Chapman were international drug smugglers. Ten years after her crime spree, someone (presuming Vause) names Chapman and her normal life comes to an end. “It’s interesting to watch Piper restart her life in prison. I think it’s really cool how we get to experience her adjustment to prison because it’s entertaining to watch someone transition into a new life,” said senior Nadine Abusbitan. The show takes you through the life of Chapman’s struggle in prison and all the twists and turns that come along with it.

Breaking Bad– Suffering from a deadly disease (Lung Cancer), high school chemistry teacher Walter White’s life has come to an all-time low. He’s low on money and his wife is expecting another child. During a ride-along with a DEA agent and brother in-law Hank Schrader, White spots one of his former students (Jesse Pinkman) fleeing a meth lab, White contacts Pinkman and offers to team up and manufacture and sell meth. White tries to secure a safe future for his wife and kids before his disease catches up to him. “The show is always suspenseful and is one of my favorite TV shows,” said sophomore Joe DiPetto.

House of Cards– Politician Frank Underwood is hungry and will stop nothing to gain more political power. Underwood starts off as Majority Whip Leader and then makes his way up the political ladder with the help of his wife and his chief of staff. House of Cards takes viewers all the dirt and political drama politicians have to go through to make a name for themselves. “I like the suspense and how bold the characters are. It is interesting to watch the characters and their relationship and progress throughout the series,” said sophomore Maria Torregrosa.

The Walking Dead– Police Sheriff Rick Grimes was living a normal life with his wife (Lori) and kid (Carl) until one day on a police chase Rick was shot, leaving him in a coma. Once awakened from the coma, Rick makes his way out of the hospital to only see a post-apocalyptic town. As anyone would do, Rick is in dismay of the “walkers,” Rick starts running through the town to see if there are any survivors. After getting saved by a kid and his father, they let Rick know of what was happened and what’s going on. With hope of finding his family, Rick travels to a run-down Atlanta, Georgia. The Walking Dead takes viewers through the post-apocalyptic struggle surrounding Rick and his quest for survival. If you’re into high suspense and mysterious TV Shows, The Walking Dead provides numerous twist and turns and constantly ending each show with a mystery.

Honorable Mention:

Friday Night Lights

Gossip Girl

How I Met your Mother


Greys Anatomy

One Tree Hill

Mad Men

Hawaii Five 0

Parks and Recreation

Criminal Minds