by Amani Anderson

Here at Stuart some students like to see how hard they can push themselves academically by taking college level classes to become an IB candidate. Mahnoor Khurshid, Kenny Le and Esraa Mahran are just a few students from the class of 2015 that took on this challenge.

The ability to manage one’s time is a must for anyone who wants to try IB. “I would say the major challenge is not the work itself, but the time needed to complete the work. This is especially true for IB students who are committed to clubs, sports, work and other activities,” said Mahran. It may be a challenge to take IB, keep a job and play sports, but it’s not impossible.

“Staying organized is really important, especially if you want to get your work done, something I did not do to be perfectly honest. I did Cross Country and Indoor Track for four seasons, and Outdoor for three seasons. I balanced my time by considering how much work I had, how long I thought it would take up, and what I had for the next day,” said Le.
Not only does being an IB student impress colleges, but it also helps students handle rigorous courses and hopefully to manage their time effectively. When asked if she’d encourage other students to become an IB candidate, Kurshid responded, “Yes! It’ll help you out in the long run, not only by looking like a strong candidate for colleges, but by taking advantage of some of the hardest classes your school has to offer. Plus there’s so many people at Stuart that help IB kids succeed.”

Mahnoor Kurschid hopes to recieve her IB diploma in the summer. Photo by  Amani Anderson
Mahnoor Kurschid hopes to recieve her IB diploma in the summer. Photo by
Amani Anderson

Some students take IB classes but aren’t IB candidates. Either way, it can still be helpful.
“Pursuing the diploma is more beneficial than actually receiving it. I have many friends that have gone on to college and admitted that the program has made college writing much easier to deal with, even though they didn’t attain the diploma. Going for IB classes also shows colleges that you are ready to take college level courses, which impacts their decision on acceptance in a good way,” said Mahran.

Doing IB is not for everyone, but for those who do decide to take on the challenge, reach out to your teachers.
“Pointers I’d offer are to take advantage of in class time when given to you to work on IAs, become BFFs with your teachers, and balance your school and your social life. All this IB/college stuff can get stressful so chillax and make time to hang with friends!” said Khurshid.