by Theo Lebryk

The Class of 2015 had the most IB Diploma Candidates in the Stuart’s program’s 21 year history. According to current enrollment, this record of 69 candidates will be surpassed by the 78 candidates from the class of 2016.

Of the 69 candidates, seven are candidates for the full IB bilingual diploma. Full IB bilingual diploma candidates must take an IB Literature course in two languages. All seven students are taking English and Spanish. According to IB Program Coordinator Jennifer Kresse-Rodriguez, this is not only the most in school history, but also the most in the entire county.

“It’s a rare thing to have that number of IB Literature to be fluent in the language and literature of [multiple] cultures,” said Kresse-Rodriguez.

The IB program had 1016 total registrations (cumulative tests taken plus extended essays and Theory of Knowledge enrollments), also the most in program history.

These numbers are significant increases from the Class of 2014, which posted only 46 candidates and 896 total registrations.

“More and more students are attempting to challenge themselves with 6 rigorous classes with college level courses,” said IB Program Coordinator Kresse Rodriguez.

According to Kresse Rodriguez, one of factors behind the increase in enrollment has been an outreach to students in fluent speakers and ESOL classes. Additionally, Stuart started a college mentoring program aimed at helping full diploma candidates apply to college and study skills class

“Students feel they can be successful because they know the support will be there for them, from their teachers first and foremost and then the support structures,” said Kresse-Rodriguez.

“It’s about access,” said Kresse-Rodriguez. “So that if you want to change your future we want to give you the opportunity to maximize your potential.”