by: Alexis Ventura

As the final weeks of the school year are almost coming to an end, many students think about what they are to do during the whole summer break. For many of the students, they believe that summer break is a time to have a vacation at many popular locations in the US or in other countries. As students go to have fun with families or friends at vacations, other students will think of trying to make profits and wanting to get a job for the summer. This could be something good for them in the future because it teaches good financial management skills. It all depends on how the student wants to spend his or her summer break.

For those students planning to try and get a job during the summer, there are many opportunities for them and many ways to finds jobs for the summer like through websites like, which gives a list of jobs that are hiring people for a specific position. There are many students that have jobs right now and are experienced on what to do in their jobs. Many of the students that have employment work as a cashier in a store. Others experienced students work as a tutor for helping students. Other students that are experienced have a job as a lifeguard and have gotten good profits out of doing their job.

For the other students, there are great places to enjoy during their summer vacation. There are many interesting locations in the US that students and their families could visit, such as San Francisco in California or probably Miami or Orlando in Florida or New York City.

If wanting to enjoy a fantastic summer vacation, California is a perfect place to spend summer vacation with your family specifically San Francisco. In San Francisco, you can enjoy the great weather there and have a fantastic time at the beach. In addition to having a relaxing time at the beach, there are several sites that you can see and visit in San Francisco like Alcatraz Island; there you can take a tour of the inside of the famous federal prison. More other places to visit than just Alcatraz Island is walking through the Golden Gate Park as well as walking on the Golden Gate Bridge and seeing the beauty of the that is around it. To keep having more entertainment of San Francisco, going to climb the Twin Peak could be fun to do with the family. San Francisco is one place that you can enjoy your summer vacation at.

Another great place to go to during summer vacation is in Florida, in the city of Orlando and Miami where you can have a blast. In Orlando and Miami, you can love going to the beach and have a good time, like near the Florida Keys or in South Beach where you can like the weather as the humidity is low. To have a blast during your summer vacation in Florida, going to the fantastic theme parks in Orlando, specifically Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Resort could be extraordinary because of the excitement you could experience on many varieties of roller coaster rides and other fun things there. For more excitement, going to Aquatica, SeaWorld Park in Orlando can make your summer vacation better than ever with the great marine life show, the aquarium, amazing water rides and more. In Florida, you can have the best

summer vacation with your family and friends.

Another amazing place to be at during the summer break is at New York City, New York where you can observe the many sites that are in the city. The many sites to visit in New York City are very historical, sites like the Statue of Liberty which many people are fascinated with because of being the first colossal sculpture in New York. Another site to visit is the 9/11 Memorial Museum where you can enter and see evidence or historical artifacts that were found in the aftermath of the twin towers and what was around it during the terrorist attack on Sept. 11. If more of an active person, Central Park is a fantastic park to walk be active at. There you can enjoy seeing the beauty of biggest park in New York City and have a perfect time. In New York, you can feel like tourist by seeing all the historical site and great building around the city.

It’s the decision of the students in how they spend their time during the summer because of the many things that can be done during the long period of vacation. If they wanted to start making profits then doing a jobs during the summer break would be a great idea and help to start on managing their own money and other skills toward profit management. For others that are interesting in going to have a summer vacation somewhere else, there are many places to go have an entertaining summer vacation in the US and in other countries around the world.