by Zach Esser

As school is wrapping up, most students are eagerly waiting for the long nap that is summer vacation with no school, tests or homework. However, some students aren’t done just yet. There are many programs offered by Stuart and other high schools around the county that help students continue their learning throughout the summer.

Activities such as Boys and Girls state and summer residential Governor’s School provide advanced learning and experiences for colleges. Unfortunately, the deadlines for both of these programs have already passed, but sophomores and freshman have another chance next year. But what really is Boys and Girls state and how is it different from summer residential governor’s school?

Boys and girls state is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government learning for high school students. In which students become part of the operation of local, county, and state governments.  Students who are accepted into the program travel to a college for one week and learn about how our government works.

While there, students will participate in legislative sessions, court proceedings, law-enforcement proceedings, and more. This year’s boys state will be held at Radford University while the girls state will be held at Longwood University.  Unfortunately, this program is no walk in the park to get accepted into. Only a select few students are chosen by Stuart’s history department each year.

This year, the seven students who were chosen for this prestigious program were juniors Ayham Nouisser, Tuguldur Enkhtaivan, Ian Morrison, Sadeechy Gurung, Kayla Morrison, Layla Abdi, and Ldia Amanuel. Nousisser was accepted a few months ago and is excited to say the least. “I have always been really interested in our government and how it works so this program really fits me. It’s also looks amazing on my college resume so there really is no downside.” Fortunately for Ayham and the other students who were accepted, the program is completely free.

For those who are interested in a more long term program, then Summer Residential School is right for you. Unlike the boys and girls state program, the Summer Residential School lasts for one month during the summer and includes a more variety of activities to sign up for. The program covers two main courses: academics and performing arts.

Within academics, students can apply for subjects like mathematics, humanities, science, and much more. Within performing arts, students can apply for dance, theatre, visual arts, and more. Students that are accepted into summer residential school will attend a college and learn like college students would.

Much like boys and girls state, the summer residential school is very hard to get into. Any student wishing to attend must fill out mountains of paper work, get teacher recommendations, and needs to be approved by a board Stuart teachers and staff. Ms Rubin, the leader of the board, is very enthusiastic about this opportunity. “Summer Residential School is the perfect way for students to make themselves unique. So they can stand out from the crowd for colleges to see”.

All deadlines for both programs have already passed but there is always next year. Any student wishing to apply for either program should talk to Ms. Rubin in the guidance office. Ms. Rubin says “Anyone can apply, but be prepared for a challenge”.