by: Jacob Cole

Stuart’s vision of turf fields are finally coming to fruition. After a long and grueling process which has been two years in the making, plans have started for the turf field at Stuart to be implemented. The work for the turf field should start around June 8th.

This is a large step for Stuart sports. Originally, the plan was to have a turf field by the year 2016. Instead, we will have a turf field ready for games by the fall of 2015. A blueprint has been drawn up for the design of the Stuart field.  Principal Gros announced via Twitter Stuart’s design of a new turf field with the caption, “Are you ready for turf??”

To continue maintaining a turf field at Stuart, $15,000 needs to be allocated each year by December 1st.  To accomplish this, the Stuart community must take on the initiative to fundraise this amount of money. We need to be proactive in getting the money each year, but it’s definitely wTurf designorth it,” said junior Rodrigo Soto.

The plan for the turf fields is to have one turf field where the football field is, in which the field has separate football and soccer lines that will both be on the field at the same time. In addition, there will be a turf field on the baseball field. The pitcher’s mound will be removable and split up into eight parts. The baseball field will also hold soccer and lacrosse games if necessary. This flexibility among the fields is key to the turf’s importance to Stuart.

The positives of having turf here at Stuart are endless. Turf will allow more flexible practice times because of the addition of another field to practice on, more durability through all sorts of weather caused incidents, and more variety in its uses. “I’m so glad we are getting it next year as opposed to two years. This will really help our athletics,” said junior Garrison Grow.

The summer of 2013 was when this plan of implementing turf started. The Fairfax County School Board decided to assign an excess of revenue towards partially funding the construction of turf fields in the eight remaining Fairfax County high schools without turf; which now stands at five schools.

In the diagram outlined in the blueprint, the plan is to redefine the logo at the center of the field. It will now permanently have an “S” logo colored in navy and white, alongside two swords at the bottom which are navy blue outlined in white. While this may be a similar design to the previous one, these detailed designs within the turf field will help the overall landscape of the field.

The impact of having turf spreads across all sports in the school and the community in general. It allows Stuart to have a reliable athletic facility in which more practices and games can be held on and represents a fundraising opportunity that the whole community can rally around. While the price may be steep for continual funding, the investment should be beneficial for the future. It has been a long process, but turf is finally coming to Stuart.