by Nathan Bass


That expression has controlled every student’s life at least once. Whether you were deciding which math class to take or whether to continue with that sport you hate, It didn’t matter if you wanted to do it because it’s what the colleges want.
Yet, that isn’t necessarily true; colleges want a student to go above and beyond, yes, but they also are looking for a student that is well-balanced. Overloading a schedule doesn’t help at all. It is pertinent to yourself that you’re honest. Being honest with yourself will behoove you more than any college guide can, because not everyone can be a model Ivy-League bound student. Know your limits and set your goals, that is what colleges like to see.

When you stretch yourself too thin it is mentally taxing. Losing sleep is incredibly dangerous. According to a lack of sleep is equivalent to a BAC (Blood-Alcohol Content) of .08. This is essentially reducing your reaction time by 40%. Not to mention the physical problems that come with lack of stress and lack of sleep. Acne, overeating and mental distress are all effects of stress and sleep deprivation. So go to sleep early and do your homework before anything else.

When signing up for clubs and activities remember there is a difference between need and want. Yes, everyone would love to be in that club with the great food and meet every Tuesday, but if you also have a commitment on Tuesdays it only hurts you to try to squeeze the club in. It is disappointing, but it will only lead to bad things when you stretch yourself too thin.

In the college process it is important to simply breathe and take it step-by-step. Not many people can say they got into their dream school, but are plenty happy to be going to the school they are  currently attending. Perception is reality and if you follow what you want good things will come.

Photo by Nathan Bass