by Erin Fleming

As the weather transitions from hot summer days, to cool fall nights, so does our everyday attire. Stuart students can be seen around school modeling many of falls biggest trends. The 2015 fall fashion seasons includes plush sweaters and cardigans, bold colors, chic boots, and various styles of denim.

Destiny Beatty fall fashion 12th grade

Senior Destiny Beatty wears a speckled cardigan and ripped jeans with black booties. “I dress for comfort but mostly for fashion.”

Charlotte MacLaury fall fashion 10th grade

“I don’t wear something if it’s not comfy. I like sweaters and I wear boots every day,” said sophomore Charlotte MacLaury as she sported a white embroidered sweater, fuzzy socks, and her favorite boots.

fall fashion Aziza Iahrichi 10th grade

Wearing a wooly, mustard yellow sweater and black skirt, sophomore Aziza lahrichi said, “I want to be comfortable, because I’m in school but I also want to look nice. [During] fall, I like browns, reds, and yellows.”

Maxell Munga fall fashion 12th

Senior Maxel Munga leaves his light wash denim unbuttoned over a black tee shirt, paired with red statement jeans. Munga said, “I just like to dress how I feel. I like to be different than others, be unique. I don’t dress for anyone else except me.”

John Lesko fall fashion 11th grade

Dressing for comfort, junior John Lesko wears a white and navy striped hoodie with his khaki shorts and boating shoes. “I start to wear dark colors and comfy clothes in the fall for school, and when it gets colder I like to throw on my sweaters and jeans.”

Eliza Snee fall fashion 11th grade

“I get cold, so I like my flowy pants to keep me warm. Also, I really like purple, red, and black because the dark colors express my fall mood,” said junior Eliza Snee about her outfit choice of the day.

Photo by Erin Fleming