by Peter Gobeille

After many years of trying to get the funding, either through brick sales or through trash bins resembling fields, Stuart High School has finally gotten on the same page as the other schools in the area and has begun playing their home games on a turf field.

Athletic Director Brian Garvey said “The funding began around August of last year but people had been talking about a turf field way before then.” By the end of last year the school was finally able to raise the funds to get a turf field. The constructions took place over the summer break and by the end of August through early September, teams and students were able to see the newly finished field, rubber grains and all.

The first game played on the turf field was on Sep 9 by the field hockey team and it was a thriller. The raiders took on Wakefield in a game that was dominated by the defensive sides of both teams. At the end of regulation the score was tied at 0-0. In overtime, Junior Melanie Albrecht was able to score the game winnng goal, that gave Stuart their first win in their first game on the new turf field. Junior field hockey player Alanna Marzi said ” The turf field is gonna be a great contribution to not only stuart but the entire community. It’s also good because all the teams have this nice new turf field to play on.”


The Varsity football team also played their first game on the turf on September 11 against Herndon. The Raiders put up a good fight but ultimately were unable to grab the first football win on the turf as they lost 30-13. Junior football player Oris Matamoros said “The turf is amazing the play on and it looks really nice”.

The baseball field is also implementing a turf field, which should be ready for the start of the season in spring. Garvey said “The progress on the baseball field has been good. We hope it’ll be done within the next two weeks, and it would have been done a while ago but the rain hasn’t helped too much.”

By Oct 6 the baseball field had all of the turf down and the finishing touches were being put on. The turf is already close to having activities played on it, and is close to marking the end of the turf journey the school had gone under.

photo by Olivia Beeman