by Jakob Cole

A month into the season, the NFL is off to a fast start. Fans everywhere have been spoiled with fantastic performances from likely suspects as well as the unlikely ones.

Perennial favorites such as the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, and Denver Broncos have not disappointed so far, accumulating a combined record of 14-0.

The reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots have benefitted from the reinstating of their long-time quarterback Tom Brady. The Patriots are out to a 4-0 record so far this year, not slacking off at all from not having their star quarterback for most of the preseason.

The Packers have also sprinted out to a record of 4-0 behind the stellar play of reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers already has 13 touchdown passes in contrast to only 2 interceptions so far this year.

Conversely, the Denver Broncos have relied heavily on their defense to this point in the season. The stout Denver defense has only allowed an average of 15.8 points per game during their 5 games of play, second only to the New York Jets.

Among the other undefeated teams in the NFL are the Cincinnati Bengals, the Carolina Panthers, and the Atlanta Falcons. These three teams have all flown way under the radar so far this season.

The once dominant Seattle Seahawks have not fared so well this season. They have gotten out to a record of 2-3 through five games.

A pleasant surprise so far this year has been the play of the Washington Redskins. Washington has started the year with a record of 2-3. This record may not sound that fantastic, but compared to normal Washington standards, this is progress. Longtime back-up quarterback Kirk Cousins has assumed the starting position and has offered steady play this year. “The Redskins have played better than people would have thought so far. They are an underrated team,” said senior Steven Tran. While the NFL is used to being a league of parody, this year’s group seems to be top heavy with the favorites supremely ahead of the rest of the field. Only time will tell if this trend holds up.


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