by: Jalil Boulahssas

Presidential Candidates:

The 2016 Presidential Primary Elections are only four months away and things have already begun to heat up. Here’s a look at the current poll leaders and most unique candidates of the 2016 Presidential Race. Although there are six democrats and sixteen republicans currently running in the primaries, these are the top candidates.


Hillary Clinton: Former First Lady and Secretary of State

The former New York senator, first lady and secretary of state is finally beginning her Presidential bid. While the Benghazi scandal and the email scandal have hurt Clinton, she continues to be popular among the left. She describes four big fights that the United States must win to get back on the right track. She plans to “build the economy of tomorrow”, “strengthen families and communities”, “fix our dysfunctional political system” and “protect our country”.

Bernie Sanders: Senator of Vermont

The independent is running as a democrat and brings a new vision of a more progressive America to the table. He’s a self-proclaimed socialist who served as a Vermont representative until he won the Senate seat in 2007. Originally, it was thought that only far-left democrats would “Feel the Bern” but Sanders and Clinton are neck and neck despite initial predictions. Sanders has made a long list of promises from reforming wall street to increasing minimum wage.


Donald Trump: Billionaire businessman and President of the Trump Organization

Trump’s main point is that someone like him, a normal man, not a seasoned politician needs to be in office in order for the government to yield progress. He claims that his slogan “Make America Great Again” will be achieved through policies such as fighting illegal immigration, protecting law-abiding gun owners and cutting taxes on the lower and middle classes.


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Jeb Bush: Former Governor of Florida

John Ellis Bush (JEB) served as the governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. He’s the son of former President George H.W. Bush and the brother of former President George W. Bush. He began the race as the favored republican and it was predicted that Clinton and Bush would go head to head for the presidency. Despite trailing Trump and Carson, Bush remains more moderate and more properly funded than many other republican candidates. He is expected to see more success as he nears the primary elections.

Ben Carson: Former Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Although he has never held public office, he has had remarkable success in the medical world, the business world and now the political world. Not since Eisenhower has either party nominated a candidate without solid political experience but he remains a front-runner in polls since the second republican debate.

Carly Fiorina: Former HP CEO

The former head of Hewlett-Packard and MIT alumna has risen rapidly in the polls after her performance in the second republican debate. She is the only woman running as a republican and a strong adversary of the professional political class. She believes that the founding fathers wanted citizens and leaders to hold office, not seasoned politicians. She calls for Americans to stand against the political class in order to accomplish her slogan, “New Possibilities. Real Leadership.”