By: Menal Raju

Art show
Studio Art 4 student Hebah Lahrichi’s painting for the Stuart Art Show.  Photo by Menal Raju

Stuart’s Art Show is set to take place Feb. 16th-18th in the Little Theater. The Stuart Art Show displays the wide range of art skills at Stuart. Stuart hosts three annual art shows: the Stuart Pyramid Show, the Stuart Art Show, and the IB Art Show. The Stuart Pyramid Show displays artwork from feeder schools as well as Stuart students. The IB Art Show is only for IB Art seniors in which every student has their own exhibit, and this show is part of their final IB Art exam. Stuart has the largest art department in the Fairfax County and the widest offering of courses.

Each student enrolled in an art class aside from IB Art seniors will display one piece of their choosing from any of the work they have created over the year. Art classes participating include Ceramics 1-3, Photography 1-4, Computer Graphics 1-4, Studio Art 1-4, and Jewelry 1-2. “You will see ceramics artwork, some collaged and mixed media artwork, photography that’s both black and white and digital, computer graphics, and images of the jewelry.” said Art teacher Ms.Wallestad.

IB Art seniors display their art later in the spring at the IB Art Show. The process for the Art Show begins with a student teacher discussion about which piece is best to display to their peers, then the student names their art work, and time is spent making labels and coming up with a title. “My art piece incorporated the wheel, which took 3 to 4 times tries to successfully complete. My goal was to make a tall and even tea pot. You start off by molding a cylinder on the wheel, and then removing it to let the clay slightly dry. After I scored the side of the cylinder where I wanted the handle and spout to be attached to, I added water and connected the two pieces.” said Ceramics 2 student Tsion Gebru.
Stuart’s second Art show of the year will show case many talented artists. Come out Feb. 16th- 18th in the Little Theater to support.