Welchsnow Pic1 (1) colorby: Amani Anderson

Students often forget that their teachers are not the most boring people on earth just because they don’t enjoy their classes all the time.  Every teacher deserves a spotlight for their hard work. Here at Stuart, we have many interesting teachers with unique lives and hobbies that might make students think twice about them.

For example, history and social studies teacher Eric Welch worked in international affairs in Russia and Kazakhstan before becoming a teacher. He loves sports; when he was in high school he played a lot of basketball and soccer, “I now mostly stick to golf, but still run and go to the gym in my free time.” He also loves snowboarding in the winter, and was one of the first people to snowboard in the ski area he used to go to in Vermont.  He loves music, “I grew up playing the cello through high school. I am tempted to take it up again”, he also DJ’d a radio show and many parties featuring lots of old school hip hop such as A tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, Rob Base, LL Cool J and more; students that have him as a teacher knows he still plays these during his classes.

A lot of his free time nowadays is spent with his wife, Jill, and their golden retriever Georgia, “We do lots of walks and hikes with our dog, our favorite place to go is Vermont. We love the mountains plus it has less traffic than Virginia.” Mr. Welch loves politics; that’s why he teaches government. At home, he watches political news and comedy shows like The Daily Show, so it is not surprising that he volunteered for a number of political campaigns at various points in his career. One last fun fact about Mr. Welch is his middle name, “My middle name is Wolf and that’s what many of my college friends called me.  It’s my mom’s family name and I’m proud to have it as part of my name.  Just be careful around me when there’s a full moon.”