By Vincenza Belletti

Two 11 and 12 year old Glasgow Middle School students face misdemeanor sexual battery charges for the sexual assault of a female classmate on a late bus after school while parked on school grounds.

The conflict took place on Nov. 16 when the victim boarded the GMLR10 after-school bus. She walked to the back and as she passed the students, one slapped her on the buttocks. She asked the student what he did and the student replied, “I touched your butt,” the girl told investigators.

Afterwards, the victim told police that the students groped her buttocks and breasts for roughly ten to twelve minutes. She then told investigators that the student held her down and straddled her while the second student held her feet down while the girl yelled for them to stop. At some point during the assault, the second student tried to shove the girl’s face into the crotch of the first student.

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It is Fairfax County Public Schools policy that the school is responsible for student safety from the time they arrive at the bus stop until they arrive home from school.

After reviewing the video from the bus, police report that the driver did not appear to be on the bus during the assault, though they cannot say for sure. The video a
lso supported the victim’s claim that she had
been groped by showing the girl being grabbed several times through the course of the confrontation.

The incident was reported to authorities by Glasgow Middle School vice Principal Stefan MasColl after it was brought to his attention by the parent of a student.

Fairfax County Public Schools said in a statement that “appropriate disciplinary action was taken against the students involved.”

The 2015-2016 edition of the Student Right and Responsibility states that under the Code of Virginia, principals must immediately report certain violations to the police, violations which include sexual assault. Sexual harassment is defined as “… unwelcome sexual advances, regardless of sexual orientation; requests for sexual favors; and other inappropriate verbal, electronic, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.”

Fairfax County Public Schools classifies sexual assault as a B level offense for kindergarten through sixth grade and a C level offense for seventh through twelfth grade. C level offense consequences are possible suspension for up to 10 days and required referral to the Division Superintendent.

Junior Emma Klein has an eighth grade sister at Glasgow who is now concerned about her sister’s safety. “I’m worried that my sister and her friends go to an unsafe school that doesn’t work to protect them and that they could be in unsafe situations daily that the school is not aware of.”

The Raiders’ Digest reached out to Glasgow principal Sean DeRose for a comment but he is unable to speak about the situation at this time.