by Zena Nguyen

After a long four years, Rihanna released her new album ‘ANTI’ on Jan. 28, but the day before the album was released it had been leaked on Tidal. Tidal is a music streaming service created by rapper Jay Z. Shortly after the album had been leaked, it was taken off the streaming service. Rihanna later announced on Instagram and Twitter that she would be giving away the album for free to fans that used the code ‘ANTI’ on Tidal. (The code is no longer available for a free download). In less than 15 hours the album received 1.47 million downloads. Within two days of releasing ‘Anti’ the album went platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

‘ANTI’ is Rihanna’s eighth studio album since her 2012 album ‘Unapologetic.’ The album follows her contemporary R&B style. The album includes the single “Work” featuring Drake. ‘Anti’ also features other artists such as SZA and Travis Scott. The album includes 13 tracks and on the deluxe version it has 16 songs.

Wiz Khalifa also released his new sixth studio album ‘Khalifa’ on February 5. On the album is the single “Bake Sale” featuring Travis Scott. The hip-hop album includes popular collaborators some of which are Rico Love and Juicy J. ‘Khalifa’ also features the song “Zoney” which includes Wiz Khalifa’s two year old son, Sebastian.

After hip hop artist Future released his mixtape ‘Purple Reign’ on January 17, his fourth studio album ‘EVOL’ also came out a month later on February 6. ‘EVOL’ includes 11 tracks and The Weeknd is featured on the song “Low Life.” The album went number one the first week it was released. This is Future’s third straight number one album.

“‘EVOL’  by Future is my favorite album because Future has really good songs on the album,  said sophomore Thomas Legese.

On February 13, Kanye West tweeted “I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome… This is my true heart…” A day later Kanye released his seventh studio album ‘The life of Pablo.’ On February 24, Kanye posted another tweet saying “I wrote Saint Pablo after admitting to my greatest shame my personal debt. But I’m not ashamed anymore.” Although the rapper is in debt the hip hop album is currently only available for customers who purchase a subscription to Tidal. Some musicians that are included on the album are Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Kendrick Lamar.

Although this is Kanye’s seventh album since his 2013 album ‘Yeezus,’ some students aren’t on the same page if this is his best work.

“It’s nice, it has sick beats. [about ‘The Life of Pablo’]  One of the best albums by the king,” said sophomore Tasneem Osman.

The Life of Pablo was a big let down because it was hyped so much and also his previous albums were amazing. He really completely changed his overall sound with this album,” said freshman Ladan Abdi.