IqraIt'sAcademicColorby Elizabeth Sponaugle

Stuart’s ‘It’s Academic’ team won its first competition in 15 years back in October. ‘It’s Academic’ is a TV game show that quizzes high school three person teams from all around the DC and Virginia area. Well, now it’s playoff season and the time for Stuart to compete is coming up soon. Stuart competed against Rockville and Woodson on Feb. 13 and the show will be aired on Saturday, Apr. 30. However this round Rockville won and Stuart came in last place, despite their strong effort.

The members of Stuart’s group are junior Marianna Karagiannis and seniors Christopher Karagiannis and Ahkar Phyo.

In preparation the team watched a number of old episodes and memorized facts that frequently came up including presidents, state capitals and world capitals. Unfortunately, that information wasn’t very useful to them, because the entire first round was about breeds of dogs.

Marianna Karagiannis said, “The questions in the playoffs were definitely more challenging than the other episode. We also couldn’t buzz in fast enough. A lot of times I was just half a second too slow, so it would get frustrating.”

For the rest of the year, the group will continue practicing and work on recruiting new people. “Most of our team is leaving this year, so we really need new members!” says Karagiannis.
The group is also planning on organizing a school-wide or teacher vs. student tournament to get more recognition and excitement. “A lot of people think it is too hard, but the more you come the more questions you can answer!”, says Karagiannis, “Anyone is allowed to come to our practices, which are typically held Thursdays and Fridays in Mr. Russom’s room.”