By Ruqaya Khan

Twelve years after the show’s finale, the Friends cast finally reunited on NBC this February. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer were all there taking part in a new special honoring director James Burrows on Feb. 21.

Before commencing the interview there was one humorous and nostalgic moment, when the five were trying to find their seats on the couch and did a little rearranging dance, with Matt LeBlanc eventually shoving Jennifer Aniston to the floor. It seemed unrehearsed and lighthearted, exemplifying the spirit that made this team so famous and rich decades ago.

The five former co-workers sat on a sofa on national television, reminiscing the time spent together, looking a tad bit older and sharing a few favorite moments and behind-the-scenes stories, excluding Matthew Perry (Chandler)  who unfortunately was in London rehearsing for a play. The long awaited reunion caused a lot of excitement among fans and #friendsreunion was one of the most used hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. A small minority of the fans lashed out on Twitter saying that they expected more than just having the cast sit down and answer questions.

When asked what their opinion is on the friends TV show generally, Physical Education coach Patrick Kelly says “I thought it used to be pretty funny, although i don’t watch it anymore”

2016, started off with a bunch of television shows as well as bands coming back together such as ‘Guns N Roses’ and The x files .Upholding a three-decade tradition of breaking ground, creating trends, and forever changing the face of rock ‘n’ roll, Guns N’ Roses Founder Axl Rose and former members Slash and Duff McKagan plan to regroup and perform at the most significant and anxiously awaited music festival of the century: Coachella 2016.

It was a moment of even more nostalgia when Full House returned with a sequel: Fuller house, with its hammy child performances, overplayed catchphrases and perfunctory hugs.

Fullerhouse cast
Fuller house cast. AP images.

On February 26, 2016 Fuller house launched season one on Netflix. It created a lot of excitement to have the full house cast return after more than decade. They’re all grown up and have children, which makes it so much more entertaining seeing as the sequel revolves more on the main cast’s children. Unfortunately, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, did not return onto to the show as they own a fashion company and the show clashed with their schedule.

Freshman, Mariam Ali says “I love how they made fuller house, it’s like a reunion to show how they grew, and how their personalities are now.”

It was rumored that Fuller house, X-files, and Guns N Roses won’t be the only band and shows reuniting. Gilmore girls was said to be returning, however there is no confirmation as yet.

Chemistry Teacher MS Carrie Brown says “If there’s any show that I could bring back it would definitely be the X-Files.”