By Zena Nguyen

‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’ is the third comedy movie in the ‘Barbershop’ film series that will be released on April 15. In Chicago, the men and women in the shop are feuding after Calvin (Ice Cube) and Angie (Regina Hall) combine the barbershop and beauty salon in order to keep the business going. While there’s drama in the shop, there’s an increase in violence and crime in the neighborhoods. Everyone in the shop is concerned and come together to bring back the community they once knew.

On April 15, Disney will release a live action fantasy movie of ‘The Jungle Book’.  The film is originally based upon the book written by Rudyard Kipling. A young boy named Mowgli (Neel Sethi) is forced to leave behind his family of wolves who raised him when the tiger Shere Khan (Idris Elba) threatens to unleash his wrath. On Mowgli’s journey to seek shelter in the jungle from Shere Khan, he meets new animals and encounters a care free bear (Bill Murray) who guides him on an adventure of a lifetime.

“I’m excited to see The Jungle Book movie because I’ve heard from my friends and peers that it is worth watching. I’ve also watched the trailer and it looks really good,” said sophomore  Sadia Naureen.

‘Nina’ is a drama film/biography based on the life of Nina Simone’s journey to finding her love for music after dealing with the hardships that come with the music industry. Nina Simone (Zoe Saldana) spirals into a life of alcohol abuse and depression after her many successful years making music. With the help of her assistant (David Oyelowo), she finds her way back to the spotlight. The movie is released on April 22.

Fantasy film ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ is the second movie apart of the Huntsman film series and will be released on April 22. Freya (Emily Blunt) is cursed by her sister with the power to freeze her foe’s when her wicked sister Queen Ravenna chooses to not allow Freya to ever love. Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) leaves to the northern kingdom to raise an army of her own and forbids anyone to ever fall in love. As a war is on the rise between the Queen’s, Freya has the help of Eric the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and warrior Sara (Jessica Chastain). Freya, Eric, and Sara must unite and lead their army to defeat the evil Queen.

I can’t wait to see The Huntsman: Winter’s War because I think the plot is great and the actors selected to play the characters were spot on! I’m excited to see the evil queen because she reminds me of myself,” said freshman Isabelle Lesmana.