On May 10th, for the first time in Stuart history, junior Nathan Bass pitched a perfect game against Robert E. Lee in an away game on their senior night, leaving the Raiders with a 9-0 win. A perfect game is defined in Major League Baseball as when a pitcher pitches a winning game in which the opposing team never gets on base.

In this game, Bass threw 84 pitches, 57 of which were strikes. This game puts his earned runs average (mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched) at 1.11.

Throughout the game, Bass’s teammates helped maintain his perfect game. In the first inning Erceg-Warner made an over the shoulder running catch to account for the first out of the game and in the fourth inning, Rosario barehanded the ball in front of second base before throwing it to Dodson at first, beating the runner there by half a step.

At the end of the game, the Raiders scored 9 runs, 13 hits, and no errors. Erceg-Warner accounts for a third of the runs scored by the Raiders, putting runs on the board in first, fourth, and sixth innings.

By Vincenza Belletti