by Vivian Tran

After much anticipation, Apple finally released the iPhone 7 and various new Apple products on Sep. 16. According to Sprint and T-Mobile, pre-orders for the iPhone 7 are nearly 4 times the orders from the previous two models, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s.

As rumored, the new iPhone is not equipped with a headphone jack and offers a major improvement in the camera functions. Some purchasers have mentioned that the camera functions are the most prominent improvement to the iPhone.

“I really love the camera quality, and the new features that come with editing the photos,” said junior Mayada Hassan who owns an iPhone 7.

The smartphone comes in two new colors: Black and Jet Black. It’s water resistant, has a new home button, is louder than the iPhone 6s, has a new stereo speaker system, and has the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. As expected, the iPhone creators had also made the iPhone 7 and 7s lighter than their predecessors.

Due to the extraction of the headphone jack, Apple created a wireless pair of earbuds called AirPods. The Airpods supposedly have a 5 hour battery life and its portable charging case may extend its battery life to up to more than 24 hours. The Airpods also have an auto-pairing feature making it easy to link itself to Apple devices running iOS 10 devices and MacOS Sierra.

Although Apple’s transition to wireless products is revolutionary, some customers find it concerning that the costly Airpods are the most efficient way to listen to music on the iPhone 7.

“I think that not having a headphone jack will make it a lot more difficult to listen to music if you don’t have airpods,” said sophomore Tiffany Duong.

Apple also created an earpods lightning connector in order to accommodate regular earbuds, which will use the charging port as an alternative to headphone jacks. The earpods lightning connector has been the subject of criticism due to the public’s unfamiliarity to the product and the belief that it is an inconvenience.

“It’s made it much more of a hassle to use earphones. I always end up forgetting to bring my adapter with me to places,” said Hassan

Usually earpods are given to customers for free along with the purchase of an iPhone; however, the AirPod is not sold complementarily with the iPhone 7; the $159 product and its charging case must be purchased separately.

The arrival of the iPhone 7 has expectedly caused an uproar of mixed opinions, some fear that Apple has finally reached the peak of its creativity and that the removal of the headphone jack will set a precedent for other companies. Others don’t believe so.

“I don’t believe that Apple’s decision to remove headphone jacks will set a precedent; since many companies producing phones, in their advertisements, have started to pride themselves on keeping an aux cord,” said freshman Brandon Tran.

As Apple continues to be the a renowned manufacturer of smartphones and continues to breaking down innovative boundaries, Apple fanatics can only hope that future Apple products will persistently adapt to the needs and wants of the consumers, yet still maintain the core components of what makes an iPhone an iPhone.

The headphone jack has been removed from the new iPhone 7 and wireless headphones known as Airpods have been introduced. AP images