By Samia Warsame

Story Development editor



Stuart seniors use the five minute early dismissal to socialize and discuss weekend plans. Photo by Samia Warsame 

By the time senior year rolls around, students come to expect some certain privileges over the underclassmen. This year, the SGA came together and discussed creating new senior privileges for the class of 2017.  These include new seats outside the cafeteria, painting your personal parking spot, leaving five minutes early on Fridays and a senior trip at the end of the year. Stuart seniors have mixed opinions on these privileges. Some students would have like the privileges to be a little more lax. “I think that we should make the five minutes early dismissal to ten,” senior Lilliana Patterson said “And maybe make the school an open campus, but that’s a stretch.” Others say that the privileges were granted from the administration, and seniors should be grateful to even have them “I can’t really complain about [the privileges]” senior Eva Asad said. “They’re privileges and we’re lucky to have them, so why not just use them?” “Some people want really unrealistic [privileges] that don’t comply with FCPS rules,” senior representative Menal Raju explained “so it’s kind of a ‘take what you can get’ thing.”

All in all, senior privileges are meant to be a fun way for the class of 2017 to enjoy their last year of high school so that they can remember it forever.