by: Onab Falak
Staff writer

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy over the Starbucks holiday cups. Every year, as the peak of November is reached, new versions of the cups are released to the public. In order to be considerate to all religions, the cup decorations soon became less and less related to Christmas, and more related to a general holiday spirit. Due to the simplicity of the holiday cups, many consumers decided to address their frustration on social media and criticize Starbucks with comments. Both sides of the argument know this  as “The war on Christmas” because some deemed the cup as an attack on the Christian values of Christmas.

In 2015, the Starbucks company decided to release a simple red ombre cup which sparked both controversy and creativity. Although some customers praised the minimal detail, many were frustrated with the lack of holiday spirit and began to decorate their cups on their own with markers and paint. Social media was flooded with pictures of Starbucks cups decorated with snowflakes, snowmen, and other winter designs.

Starbucks released thirteen hot and iced holiday cups worldwide this year. Out of those thirteen, eleven were released in the US. Photo by Vincenza Belletti.

This year on Nov. 10, Starbucks released this year’s version of their anticipated holiday cups. Many were delighted to find the new cups included selected designs from consumers who decorated their red cups with their own designs last year. For the holiday cups, the Starbucks company said it received 1,200 designs from customers online and narrowed them down to 12. All the cups for hot drinks are red and have white designs featuring candy canes, ornaments or other holiday symbols. The cup for iced drinks has a wreath wrapped around the Starbucks siren logo. Freshman Andrea Pedemonte, commented that “the cups are beautifully ornate and represent winter for me.” Freshman Helina Mesfin also says “I don’t understand the commotion on the whole Starbucks cups drama, they spread joy and happiness.”