by. Dounia Hanchaoui

On Tuesday, January 3rd an eighteen year old white teen, Austin Hilbourn, was kidnapped from his home in Crystal Lake, Illinois and taken to an apartment in Chicago where he was repeatedly beaten and humiliated. The alleged attackers were four black Illinois residents who appeared to have a strong hatred towards President-elect Donald Trump and white people. The suspects in this kidnapping had live streamed the torturing of their victim on Facebook for millions across the world to view.

The live stream broadcast showed a white teenage boy tied up, gagged, and being brutally attacked and threatened by his assaulters. He was forced to drink from the toilet and yell  “I hate white people.” He had been ashed and his hair had been cut so close to his scalp that pieces of his skin had come off causing his head to bleed. His clothing had been slashed with knives and he was continuously punched and kicked as his sobs and screams were ignored.