by Marc Buiquil

IB Assessments are around the corner and it is time to prepare for them. Near the end of January, commentaries and speaking portions of the assessment will be conducted. It is in your best interest to prepare yourselves as they are an important part of the overall class and important for IB grading. Speaking in front of a crowd can be a tough challenge for many students. Students tend to grow nervous, confidence will falter, and the mind may become hectic, and in turn affect the overall performance of the student. Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare and tackle the speaking portions of the IB assessments.

Know Your Stuff

Nothing feels better than knowing what you will say, when you will say, and how you will say it. It helps calm you
r body and avoid any distractions and nervousness that may possibly arise during the assessment. If you have the confidence in what you are saying, then you have the absolute conviction to deliver a proper presentation. “ One of the things that I would do is to stay with my IB teacher so I can get as much as help as I can.” said Senior
Steven Agustin

Practice Out Loud

Practicing out loud helps as it provides you with a good idea of how you sound. It also boosts confidence about the presentation. For example, practice your speech when coming to school or taking a shower. It allows you and your brain to grow accustomed to your presentation.

Picture Your Audience Ahead Of Time

Picturing your audience will allow you to have good idea of what they will expect from you. As such, you are able to accommodate and modify into exactly what they ask of you and your presentation. “I look over the material and Imagine that I am in the area and practice. I also remember what the rubric is asking to help me do my presentations.” Senior Sayed Mahfood

Visualize Success

Confidence is important as it avoids the negative self-talk of how your presentation is going to be a disaster and nothing good will every come out of it experience. Picture yourself confidently knowing that you did your job wonderfully. “ I would practice on a timely manner, and repeatedly look over my work to see that it is at top shape.” said, Senior Lili Patterson

It’s Not A Big Deal

Tell yourself that the presentation is not  that big of a deal because it’s not. It is just a speech. Once it is over life will resume for you. Thinking that it is may feel that there are too many things at stake and the world is on your back. Avoid it. During assessments, a student audience will not most likely care of your presentation and can affect your motivation. A teacher audience can elevate the your own stress levels. Remember, don’t make a big deal out of it.

Follow these tips and you are on your way to conquering the IB assessments. This also applies to not only Seniors this year, but also Juniors who plan on acquiring an IB Diploma. Remember, you will most likely have to do these many more times in the future and it is best to have the necessary skill and experience for speaking.