As you most certainly know, Donald J. Trump is currently president of the United States of America. However, this outcome may have resulted from an outside force. What I am speaking of is the fact that Russia had hacked the election system, and proceeded to edit results to make the candidate they favor win.

During his campaign, Donald Trump has had a history of connections with controversial figures such as Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and David Duke. However, there is one person that he has been quite tight with: Vladimir Putin. After the primaries, Trump has went on and on, stating that this dictator was not only not morally irredeemable, but a friend.

Now, if you were Putin, wouldn’t it make sense that you would want someone close to you holding the position of most powerful person in the free world? The CIA, the FBI, and even the Department of Homeland Security have all agreed that Russia intervened. But how could this happen? Well, it’s quite simple, the American voting machines are sitting ducks when it comes to security. It’s quite embarrassing, and these mistakes likely also allowed Bush to win. Twice. For a very long time, technological experts have warned us to be cautious of the security of these machines.

Additionally, Russia knew that America had a bad relation with Clinton. Not saying that she is a bad person, I’ve donated money to her campaign before, but she is the least likable candidate out of the three choices that we could have chosen. Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley both had significantly less controversy in their history and aren’t married to one of the biggest enemies of the Republican party. Clinton fits both of those categories, however. Although Condoleezza Rice did the exact same thing, the media started hammering the emails scandal whenever they could.

In addition, they tried to demonize Clinton on many occasions, and were successful most of the time. Putin knew that if he hacked in favor of Trump, then people wouldn’t have the same outrage if he hacked in favor of Clinton. The uneducated masses of the public started to mock Clinton’s assurance that Russia had hacked.

In conclusion, Russia had interfered with the election, got the person they wanted in office, and knew that they would most likely get away with it, even if they got caught.