by Samia Warsame

From Apr. 7 to Apr. 9th, the JEB Stuart Muslim Student Association participated in MIST , an interscholastic competition where high school MSA members gather to engage in tournaments. MIST began in Houston, Texas in 2002 and now takes place in 17 regions across the United States. This year, students and coaches from the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia gathered at the Universities of Shady Grove to compete in sports, music, art, history and other categories including oratory and debate.This year’s theme was “The Challenge of Beauty: Striving for Perfection in an Imperfect World,” and students were tasked with incorporating the theme into their works. The event also consisted of MISTtalks, which were workshops where students develop professional skills, meet diverse peers who share the same interests and passions, express thoughts and ideas through creative mediums and learn strategies to deal with prejudices against Islam and Muslims.

On Apr. 16, MIST competitors attended the awards ceremony at George Washington University, where JEB Stuart students placed first place in Girls Basketball, second place in Business Venture, third place in both Science Fair and Boys Basketball and fifth place in MIST Bowl. Junior Aisha Ali placed second in the level one Quran Recitation and senior Habiba Salad placed second in Knowledge Test 1.  Other winners include junior Rania Salah, who placed fifth in 2D Art and junior Abdullahi Hussein was named Most Valuable Player in Boys Basketball.