By: Mudassar Khan

This year’s NBA playoffs start with a very emotional roller coaster. As the regular season ended and playoffs rolled around, the night before game 1 of the playoffs; Celtics and Bulls, Isaiah Thomas lost his sister to a one car crash. That lead to him playing with emotion for his loss, he ended the game with scoring 33 points.


In the Eastern Conference; 2nd seed, The Cavaliers are up 2-0 against the 7th seed Pacers. This is a tough matchup especially because the Pacers are such a young team. “This is still a great game!”  Stated Abdullahi, with the Pacers and Cavaliers ending the 1st game with a very close scoring game of 109-108 with the Cavaliers winning and game two 117-111 with Cavaliers up.


Coming in 4th seed The Wizards and 5th seed The Hawks. The Wizards are winning the series 2-0 because John wall is playing out of his mind if you might say, with the help from Bradley Beal and Otto Porter with a well rounded supporting cast.


Over all the east is doing will but the Western Conference is not so much. The 2nd in the 7th is a match up between the Spurs and Grizzlies. Which is the most ‘slow pace’ basketball. “It will put you to sleep”, in the words of Abdullahi. In which Spurs lead 2-0, winning both of their games so far.