by Onab Falak

Within merely a hundred days of his presidency, Donald Trump has managed to aggravate the Syrian government and threaten North Korea.

He supposedly sent warships to the Korean peninsula to show the force of the U.S., however the ships Trump claimed to send were actually going to a scheduled exercise in the Indian Ocean. This lead to the North Korean dictator threatening to drop weekly missile tests. The threat posed by North Korea to the U.S. and its allies has entered a “new phase”, President Trump said on March 7, a day after the regime test-launched four ballistic missiles towards Japan. Since North Korea has the ability to strike North America, Trump has discussed with Chinese and Japanese leaders regarding rising tensions with the Korean Peninsula.

Additionally, Trump made the decision to fire 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian Al Shayrat airfield. The missiles were aimed at Syrian fighter jets, hardened aircraft shelters, radar equipment, ammunition bunkers, sites for storing fuel, and air defense systems. However, some political commentators believe that the U.S. has ruined relations with Russia due to the aggressive nature of the missile strikes. Russia states that the U.S. is one step away from war over Syria. Another issue with this attack on Syria is that the people of Syria are not any safer after the attack then before it. Planes were taking off the air base the Trump administration had targeted and the Assad regime was once again bombing towns. Also, the US Strike didn’t make the end of Assad’s regime more likely. The damage to one air base was very minimal and it had no impact at all on the regime. This reveals the fact that the Syrian missile strike did not serve a purpose and that the US is ruining relations with a possibly dangerous country, North Korea, who is waiting for the US to stumble.