By: Marc Buiquil

On April 21, 2017, Jeb Stuart released the students early from their classes to spend the remaining day for Springfest. Springfest is an annual event every year Jeb Stuart leadership hosts for the students and faculty on April. The event was more of a festival. Leadership member, Jacqueline Gomez said, “Organizing20170421_140708
the event takes a lot of thought. We had many things to consider for the event. The different clubs, and the operators for the rides were among the things we had to look out for the entire event.” The field and tracks were filled with rides and booths created by the different clubs in the school. “Ever since the original event was cancelled, we had to reschedule the entire event and the staff we hired.” Jacqueline continued. Each club had their own specific target and goods to sell. For example, Chess club sold snow cones while the wrestling club sold burritos from Qdoba. “It was challenging, but we managed to do it.”


During the event there were multiple games to be played by the students. In the field, there was a bounce house for students to play football inside, and a spin ride for students to enjoy. Senior, Hugo Neuenschwander said, “ I always look forward to this event during the school year. It’s a time where I can hang out with my friends and have a lot of fun.”
One of the main selling points of the event were 20170421_143112the goods that the club sold and each one of them were sought after by the student body. Freshmen leadership sold pizza for their class and Spanish Honor Society sold a variety of smoothies for their booth. Senior, Minhtriet Nguyen said, The entire thing was just a cool experience. The different foods the clubs sold plus the rides were just a treat to enjoy.”

Many students thoroughly enjoyed the event. Others walked around the track with their friends to buy food from the booths. Some students simply spent the remaining time in the bleachers with th20170421_140516eir friends and others played sports in the middle of the field. The event definitely helped students relax and clear their minds from school. Most importantly, everyone who attended the event enjoyed their time.