by Najee Spruill

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 was released in United States, it was April 21. The releasing price without taxes and fees is $850 for the S8 and for the S8 Edge, it costs $900. Some newer interesting features that come with the new phone is that you can unlock this phone with your face, a fingerprint, or an iris scan, in order to increase the level of security and making the S8 one of the most secure phones around. The phone also comes in black, blue, gold, and white. The new camera on the S8 has geo-tagging, which is basically attaching your location to any photo you take and people being able to pinpoint that location. Facial recognition, and auto laser focus which is higher quality camera focus when taking a photo, along other new features.

Some positive reviews of the phone are that the design of the phone itself is amazing.

“The screen is so much larger than before. And makes it way easier to watch movies and videos on my phone,” says junior Gema Vazquez who purchased the phone two days after it’s release date.

However, with all the amazing features that the phone come with, some people still have complaints. Samsung moved the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the phone (closer to the camera). For some buyers, their fingerprints end up on their camera lens which causes frustration. Along with this, the facial recognition doesn’t work as easily as everyone thinks. At times it takes longer for the phone to recognize the owners face if they are moving too much, in an environment with little to no lighting, or if the owners’ face isn’t recognizable when attempting to unlock the phone.

Ultimately, the S8 is has been a highly desired and highly rated phone since its release, and includes new features that no smartphone company has yet to include with their product, not even Apple.