By: Mudassar Khan

The new season of football has dawned. With the new season means unfamiliar opportunity for the novice players from college into the NFL.  With the number one pick in the 2017 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns picked the former Texas A&M, Defensive End Myles Garrett. Coming in at number two, the former quarterback for North Carolina, Mitchell Trubisky was picked up by the Chicago Bears.


Some players like John Ross and Deshaun Watson were extraordinary before being drafted. John Ross had 579 passing yards in college. John Ross also broke the NFL combine record for the 40 yard dash which was previously held by Chris Johnson for over eight years. Deshaun Watson had an extraordinary season before being inducted into the NFL. His last season resulted in him winning the college championship.


Newcomer T.J. Watt sibling to J.J. Watt was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a linebacker. J.J. Watt had a whopping 106 total tackles during college, 74 of those were solo. As the Steelers fans hold their breath as to how T.J. Watt will perform while on the steelers. When asked if he will perform as projected. “He will do just fine” said Abdullahi Hussein. “It was a great pickup by the Steelers,” said Franklyn Dodson, when asked if he was the right choice to add to the team’s defense.

Picture Credit: AP Images