The voting for the new name for J.E.B. Stuart High School will take place Sat. Sept. 16, 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Voting for the new school name will be limited to residents in the J.E.B. Stuart attendance area. Each household will get one vote for their top three name choices.

Voters should bring one document to prove that they live in the Stuart area, such as:

  • Deed of their house
  • Lease of their house
  • A resident managers letter with company letterhead
  • FCPS Student Registration Leaseholder or Homeowner Affidavit
  • FCPS Student Registration Residency Affidavit
  • Employment (verification)
  • Car document or ID (Drivers license)
  • Utility Bill
  • Tax Document

Students can vote, you do not need to be over the age 18 to vote.

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