Hundreds of thousands have evacuated an island in Indonesia, after threats of a volcanic eruption. The volcano, named Mount Agung, is located in Bali, Indonesia. It has been reported to have steam clouds forming just above the crater. Although authorities are not absolutely sure if Mt Agung will erupt, they believe it could happen at any moment.

Tourism in Indonesia is greatly affected by the volcanoes. Indonesia has the highest number of active volcanoes, more than any other country, at approximately 130. Due to the threat from  Mt. Agung, Bali has become a deserted tourist town. Bali’s tourism department is attempting to reassure tourists of the island’s appeal through a letter. The letter says “the island is safe for areas around Mount Agung. We urge tourists to continue visiting”.

The most recent eruption of Mt. Agung was in 1963, and more than 1,000 people were killed. The volcano remained active for a year after the eruption and then fell dormant.

“Life went on as normal when ash and gravel was falling on us until the big lava came out and destroyed everything,” said Gusti Ayu Wati, a survivor of the previous Agung eruption.

“The government should issue an evacuation for the citizens in the surrounding areas of the volcano”, said freshman Ana Cavich. The citizens that live within a 12-kilometer radius of Agung have been told to abandon their homes and find safety. Approximately 30,000 cattle have been left in the danger zone, and efforts are being put in to save the livestock. Citizens that decided to flee the area have moved to over 500 different locations around the island. Temporary camps have been set up in various athletic fields, school gyms, and closeby villages.

Many farmers and households neighboring the volcano decided to leave their livestock and pets to die as they proceed to evacuate the area. Others chose to sell their cattle and livestock to people who can give them the proper care.

In the more recent months, there have been numerous natural disasters, some with record-breaking damage. There were three major earthquakes in Mexico, hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida, and countless homes were destroyed in California due to wildfires. Much like victims from these natural disasters, Indonesians are doing everything to prepare.

Again, professionals are unable to tell exactly if or when Mt. Agung will erupt, they only know that it is currently active. Authorities and their citizens can only prepare for the worst.

Citizens of Bali, Indonesia are evacuating the area after Mount Agung, a local volcano is threatening to erupt.


Threats of a volcanic eruption in Bali, Indonesia, causing panic to civilians neighboring the summit.