by Elizabeth Sponaugle
Managing editor

The J.E.B. Stuart’s ‘It’s Academic’ team tapped the first round of their competitions Saturday, Oct 21. They competed against Chantilly High School and National Cathedral High School, winning with a score of 485 to Chantilly’s 430 to National Cathedral’s 460. ‘It’s Academic’ is a TV game show that features three teams, each of which consist of three people, from all around the DC and Virginia area. The Stuart team was made of senior Long Luu, junior Kurt Finkenstaedt, and sophomore Laeticia Allache. Kurt, Laeticia and Long were on the show, but the team consisted of about 20 people. About 10 alternates came to watch and almost the entire cheer team attended the taping of the competition to support the team. They are now preparing for their playoff run. The show will air on Dec. 23 at 10:30 am on NBC 4.

“It was an amazing feeling of relief to know we had achieved a win,” said junior Kurt Finkenstaedt. “I felt a sense of great pride to be representing J.E.B. Stuart High School.”