by Elizabeth Sponaugle
Managing Editor

Accreditation: it’s a word that has been thrown around Stuart for a number of years. Now, for the first time in a long time, Stuart High School has reached all of the accreditation benchmarks set by the state of Virginia’s Department of Education and is fully accredited. This goal has come from years of hard work from Principal Penny Gros, the administration team, faculty, and students at Stuart who have put in the work to improve test scores and meet state standards.

The standards for the accreditation of public schools in Virginia are designed to ensure that schools are maintaining effective educational programs and that every student is reaching their full potential and ready to live as a productive citizen.

A schools accreditation is based on student achievement in the four core academic areas: english, mathematics, science, and history or social sciences. For a school to earn full accreditation, students must achieve at least 75 percent on reading and writing SOL tests, at least 70 percent on assessments in mathematics, science, and history, along with meeting a benchmark for graduation and completion.

Stuarts reading proficiency rose to 91 percent in the 2016 school year, math proficiency tested as 85 percent. Proficiency in science registered at 85, while proficiency in history tested in as 82 percent. This spike in scores has things looking up for the future of Stuart High School.