by Isabella Bruzonic
Staff writer

J.E.B. Stuart’s Hype Squad brings the color, the noise, and the energy to all athletic events and most importantly the football games. Through different themed games, popcorn, and loud people the Stuart community comes together to form a fun, memorable environment for spectators to motivate the team to victory.  

The notable members of the Hype Squad include Cameron Davis, senior, and Parsa Nazari, junior, whose spirit and enthusiasm encourage students to fill the bleachers with energy.

“I think us being together is what gets the most energy.” Parsa Nazari said, “Having each other to just yell as loud as you want and chant and dance is just a lit environment that gets people energy.”

The squad is an example of how the Stuart family is. Having each other work together to support our teams sets our school apart from others. The more we can work together with the more of a difference we can make.

“Our energy is derived from our love of the football team!”, said senior Cameron Davis “so many of our friends play and their hard work and effort really shows on the field.” This is a well-known fact. The squad brings out the life in every game.

The squad loves Stuart sports and wants to motivate and give support to our teams. The high turnout to games reflects the character of Stuart students, and their desire to support the Stuart community.  

“When I hear the hype squad it makes me want to play harder and win for the school”, said sophomore Ethan Jones, “The small things Stuart does in their community can change the way their players play.”

If Stuarts Squad can bring the hype to every game they can boost the morality and desire to win for our players. The small things Stuart does like themes, banners, and chants can make the whole game different, for both students and players. The more energy the Squad brings, the more energy the team has.  

The Hype Squad brings the Stuart community together, a way to fully get the high school experience. It gives students a sense of importance in the Stuart community and extends across grade levels.

“I believe that we will win”, the way they support their team is what leads Stuarts sports to victories.