by Jake Beres
Staff writer

Recently, two prolific Atlanta rappers, Young Thug and Future, dropped a collaboration album entitled Super Slimey. The highly anticipated album has received public praises due to the rappers similar style of music. They both have a slurred, slithery flow and like to rap over bouncy trap beats. However, Future typically raps about the lowlights of love and the heavy drug use that he felt pushed into, while Young Thug likes to rap about more material things.

The album starts off fast with No Cap, a high energy song with plenty of drums, over a vague piano riff. On the song, the duo raps about the highlights of their newfound fame and fortune, fancy cars, designer clothes and crazy shows. It then slides into Three, a fast, snare-heavy song in which they rap about their riches.

As the album progresses, it slows down and gets a bit more conscious. The instrumentals are fast paced, but you can sense the lowlights of fame that the rappers are talking about through their music. They try to bring light the effects of people showing “fake love” to them and how it affects them emotionally and financially. “All this fake love got me damaged I can’t take it” raps Young Thug on Real Love. Young Thug is not typically known for speaking out on issues in his music so this was a bit of a new taste for some people. “For me, Super Slimey is a pretty good album, it makes me happy!” said freshman Henry Smith.

The album has drawn many comparisons to Drake and Future’s 2015 album, What a Time to be Alive. The sounds and concepts on the two albums are very different, What a Time to be Alive being a more heavy sounding album with lots of bass, whereas Super Slimey is lighter and smoother. The difference between the albums really shows Futures versatility as an artist, showcasing that he can flow over any beat.

Young Thug has also collaborated with a long list of notable Atlanta rappers such as T.I., 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Birdman, and Migos. In his 3 years since dropping his debut tape in 2014, Young Thug has dropped 28 bodies of work that include albums, mixtapes, and EPs, with Super Slimey being the latest and one of the best. On this album, he shows maturity by speaking about more real issues as opposed to rapping mostly about drugs and money previously. Young Thug has drawn many comparisons to Lil Wayne based on their career paths and their similar slurred flow. Thug and Wayne both started out making faster-paced songs with little meaning and have eventually slowed down into more conscious raps.  

Super Slimey has a little something for everyone, from conscious rap to adagio songs that are easy to listen to. I would highly recommend checking this album out and giving it a thorough listen, as well as the two artists solo discographies.