by Kate Billingsley
Online editor 

For Black History Month, Stuart’s Black Student Union (BSU) has planned several activities to help educate the student body on the importance of the month-long celebration of culture.

“Black history is important to me because it gives me a sense of purpose. I found myself appreciating my life more because of the knowledge I’ve acquired on black history,” said senior and co-president Mayada Hassan. “Black and African American people have worked tirelessly to better their lives as well as for those in the future. I work hard because I understand how hard black people have fought to get to where we are. I know the fight is not over.”

A major development for the African American community was the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, located just miles away in Washington, D.C. This museum allows for citizens to get a better understanding of African American culture throughout history, as well as some of their hardships still faced today.

“I think the opening of the African American museum was long overdue. America was built on the backs of African Americans as well as indigenous people,” said Hassan. “It is about time people have recognized the key contributions Blacks and African Americans have made to not only America but to the entire world.”

In its meetings, the influential club discusses pressing issues that face black and African American communities—not only at Stuart, but on a global scale.

“The biggest societal issue that [the] BSU is trying to fix is misconceptions and ignorance about the beauty and significance of black culture,” said junior and junior vice-president Julia Clark.

Throughout the month of February, the BSU plans to read daily black history facts during morning announcements. They will also be giving out lollipops during lunches, as well as having a bulletin board that displays art. Some other exciting things they are working on include an after school bake sale fundraiser, and showing black positivity videos.

The BSU welcomes all students who want to learn more about black history and culture, as well as participating in activities, events, and fundraisers. You can follow the club’s Twitter account, @BSU_SHS, for more information.