by Henry Smith
Staff writer 

A new craze has infected Stuart, and it isn’t pretty. These new “Ugly Guy Meme” stickers are all over backpacks, laptops, desks, and hallways. How did this happen? After a brief interview with the creator, who has requested to stay anonymous,  it was concluded that the stickers are pointless.

“There is no reason for the stickers other than the absurdity of them,” said their creator. “They don’t cost very much and I think they are funny.”

The trend started a few months into the school year progressively became more and more prominent across the school. The creator of the stickers has“distributors,” that they work alongside with to disperse the stickers across the school.  

“If people know who I am, they will come up to me and beg for stickers,” said the producer of the meaningless stickers.“That’s why I have my distributors carry them for me. I don’t want them to be used maliciously, but I cannot control what people use them for once they’re in distributors hands.”

When asked for her opinion, Science teacher Ms. Lee stated, “they could be seen as vandalism, especially if put in places where they don’t have permission to put them.” However, Ms. Lee also thinks that the stickers are “funny” and “interesting.”

I took it upon myself to search the school for the eyesores, finding a surprising number all over school property. There were on lockers, countless in bathrooms (boys), some on desks, and even binders. Everywhere I went, there was someone with the sticker on their laptop or phone case. Some other noteworthy places were in bathroom passes, in tissue boxes, and even inside a clock.