by Trevor Hershner

The Best Buddies organization was established in 1989 in Washington D.C. and has been bringing people of different backgrounds together. The non-profit organization works to end the social, physical, and economic isolation of people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Students from all around the D.C. area gathered together on Apr. 27, 2018, to enjoy Best Buddies Prom. The international organization paired students with special needs with other students within their own schools. The students develop relationships and friendships with one another. The Best Buddies prom took place at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building in Washington D.C., nearly 20 Stuart students were in attendance.  Students from other high schools such as Edison, Washington-Lee, and Georgetown Visitation, as well as many others, were also in attendance.

“The most fun part of the prom was making new friends and seeing everyone have fun together,” said Stuart Best Buddies Co-President, Maggie Rutherford. “I loved all of the different activities we got to do and meeting students from other schools.”

Tickets for the prom were 10 dollars and included food, drinks, dessert, and lots of dancing. The idea of Best Buddies and the Best Buddies prom is to create an environment where students with intellectual and developmental disabilities can become friends with other students in their schools, and have a great time together.

“It was really special to see kids with disabilities all in one place having a great time without being judged by anyone. Creating a fun judgment-free space is something that all club members can enjoy,” said sophomore Jeremiah Lanoue-Chapman. “I would highly recommend participating in this event, it’s a great way to have fun and make new friends.”

The prom brought students from different schools and backgrounds together for one fun filled event. Everyone in attendance enjoyed dancing, taking pictures in the photo booth and eating great food. The dance floor was filled with energetic and excited students.

“I was in Best Buddies in high school and I am still in touch with my buddy. I see the positives that come out of this club and when Maggie and Tucker approached me, I thought it would be great,” said sponsor Alexandra Katz. “The prom was special because all of the kids had the opportunity to interact with kids in the whole capital region and kids from other schools, the whole thing was really cool.”